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"Space Shift is a first person shooter game but without any guns."

Actually it is not a full game, it is kind a prototype. First of all I'm sorry for that. Space Shift ambiance likes Portal games, not just ambiance also genre is same because I love soo much Portal games. Also game's core mechanic bend space get from Uchiha Sasuke's Amenotejikra. It is a cool jutsu from Naruto series.  


W-A-S-D for movement.
Left Click for bending space.
Right Click for bending time.
R for Reset level and ESC for main menu.
Take aim and shoot red objects for switch place with it.

Shift Point: How many you can bend space in a single slow time
Wihte Cursor = 1 times
Blue Cursor = 2 times
Red Cursor = 3 times


Space Shift.zip 19 MB

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