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We only have ONE EARTH, we must protect it!

Hi guys

This game made on GMTK Game Jam in 48 hour. Thanks to limited time I didin't finished the game as you can see.  UI are ugly, models are  slipshod and there are no music. I'm sorry about that problems. And a last note all game made by me, except run animation. That run animation made by Mixamo because of my run animation just broke rigs and I have no time do it again. And Thats it! Thanks For Playing 

Enjoy Yourself

How To Pla

W;A;S;D for move

E key for interact with object.

Trash: Press E for clear trash. Bad for earth health

Factory: Press once for take filter to factory, Hold pressing for destroy factory. Bad for earth health

Full Trash Bin: Hold pressing for clean all trash in map

Seedlings: Hold pressing for grown trees, trees are good for earth health

Water Pollution: Press once and clean that. bad for earth heath and also for trees


Only One Earth.zip 15 MB

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